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For ordinary Zimbabweans, the future under incoming president Emmerson Mnangagwa may be uncertain, but the disappearance of corrupt traffic officers has been a daily cause to relish Mugabe's exit.

I begin with a disclaimer.

Protesters calling for the impeachment of President Robert Mugabe demonstrate outside the parliament building. And, maybe, an Oscar will follow.

It provides apt learning for the continent. Three or four hours later, at another coffee shop in another gas station, Mugabe was on TV. Without this, peace and prosperity will continue to elude Zimbabwe. The country once exported food, but today half the rural population relies on international largesse to survive. "In that regard, it became necessary to also assure him that his whole family, including the wife, would be safe".

Massive crowds gathered within minutes of the surprise announcement made to a meeting of parliamentary lawmakers who were discussing a motion to impeach Mugabe. It was impossible to escape.

Despite this, Mr Mugabe had no intention of retiring.

So you will protect him, he will probably receive immunity? . But this time the people were not inclined to listen.

November 2017 will go down in the history of Zimbabwe as the beginning of the end of Robert Mugabe's 37 year tyranny. So it was 1980. Events escalated after this.

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Mr Mugabe's downfall brings the curtain down on an extraordinary political career. But he was also hated in equal measure.

A government source said Mr Mugabe told negotiators he wanted to die in Zimbabwe. We're going to put this all behind us, and we're going to launch this amazing country which will show the world that we can be post-racial and progressive.

While her husband gained his power and credibility from his role in the independence fight, Ms. Mugabe built her own base among a set of politicians in the ruling party, ZANU-PF, who comprised the country's business elites, most of whom were too young to have participated in independence. Mugabe, confined to his Harare residence, did not appear.

He said Mugabe and the military were cut from the same cloth, adding that the military's involvement had been a key factor in the country's instability.

Last week though, with nonagenarian intuitions of mortality, Mugabe fired his vice-president to make way for his wife, some forty years his junior, to succeed him. They therefore have vested interests in the survival of the party.

Grace Mugabe "never followed the court order", he said. The writing was on the wall. Sadly, South Africa and former colonial power Britain have reportedly already indicated that they prefer short-term stability over long-term reforms.

Phelekezela Mphoko, Zimbabwe's second vice president who was in Japan at the time of the coup, is believed to have flown to Zambia. "I am going to celebrate late tonight". He oversaw the massacre of thousands of civilians in the 1980s and outmanoeuvred rivals in his party and in the opposition. For the last two years, Washington has resisted British attempts to arrange a financial bailout for Mugabe. His fate was sealed by the liberation war comrades he had chosen to betray. "It is amazing, now my route is clear every day".

Let's wait and see. We don't mind the army for now.