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The ministry also signed agreements to provide US$2.5 million to each of two WFP projects.

Mattis made remarks as he sat in on a meeting with Trump, House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell. The US has pledged to defend South Korea or Japan if either comes under attack by North Korea.

South Korea and the United States are closely monitoring North Korea after reports Monday and Tuesday suggested there are signs of missile testing taking place in the North. "Our nuclear deterrence is a sword of justice aimed at fighting [American] nukes and Asia and any country in the world need not worry about our threats as long as they do not join invasion and provocations toward us".

CNN also confirmed the launch with the South Korean military leaders. U.S. President Donald Trump said 'we will take care of it' following the launch, offering no details yet.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the South Korean military carried out a "precision missile strike drill" just minutes after North Korea's missile launch. An effective ICBM has to carry a payload of around 1,000 pounds, and it's unclear if this launch had a reduced load.

Leading Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun quoted an unidentified government official as saying the missile did not cross over Japan and it fell into the Sea of Japan or on the Korean peninsula. "It is a situation that we will handle", he said. The Trump administration has said all military options remain on the table when dealing with the North Korean threat, but top U.S. officials have consistently emphasized the U.S.is pursuing a diplomatically led effort, including additional economic pressure.

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Earlier today, Yonhap reported that South Korea and the United States were "closely watching" the possibility of "provocative acts" from the north.

Before Wednesday's test, North Korea had fired 22 missiles without active warheads during 15 tests since February.

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North Korea launched an ICBM that experts estimate can hit every single US state.

Pyongyang tested two missiles in July that demonstrated intercontinental range. It estimated the apogee at 2796 miles.