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Stanton would have been a new star to build around for the next decade, and in the short term he would have represented a massive upgrade for a lineup that has aged quickly.

General managers and fans everywhere are holding their collective breath, waiting to see if the St. Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants can pull off a trade for Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton, or if perhaps a surprise suitor can pull off a deal in the 11th hour.

The Cardinals released a statement saying that they were unable to get Giancarlo Stanton to waive his no-trade clause. However, it is somewhat unexpected that it would occur now when the Cardinals are on the short list to trade for Stanton.

If the Giants were to land Stanton, they could possibly continue to rearm themselves through free agency once those veteran pieces begin to fade, or they could just as easily be set for a rebuilding phase of their own in a couple of years that could see Stanton on the trading block again. Stanton has to approve these trades, and there is no specific deadline.

Beyond Stanton, Miami has two outfielders that could fit the Cardinals' agenda, and either would look pretty good in Cardinal red next summer.

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The Marlins have even agreed to trades with both teams, but they would need Stanton's approval to make a trade official, and it doesn't seem he's going to make that happen (at least at the moment). Either the Cardinals are looking to acquire Longoria as a way to further convince Stanton to come to St. Louis, or they view the third baseman as a fallback option in case Stanton does not want to move to the NL Central.

They'd also very likely try to drive a hard bargain with the Marlins. Signing big free agents like Martinez is not the Cardinals' style, though, particularly when Boston and other big-market teams are likely to get involved. And the Dodgers, who fielded MLB's highest payroll in 2017, ostensibly have the financial resources to assume a substantial chunk of the money still owed Stanton. Like Stanton, Ellsbury has full no-trade protection. He even won a Gold Glove!

On the other hand, at what point will the Marlins blink first?

One thing is certain. But as great as he was, there isn't much certainty about Ozuna. Oddly enough, that is not the major story regarding Ohtani today. He is young. He is cost-controlled. He gets on base. He's not the immediate power bat that the Cardinals need and desire.

Finally, there's Stanton's situation.