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He also stressed that he had recordings and notes of conversations reported in the book. Cohn was also a mentor to young Trump. On that question the answer is clear: No. He doesn't even come close to the standard laid out by the Supreme Court.

On the US TV channel NBC's show, 'Today', this is what Wolff had to say: "I will quote Steve Bannon".

"Congratulations, sir! This dignified, statesman-like tweet is the perfect way to counter the book's narrative that you're an impulsive, childish dimwit".

The president and his staff insist they never offered Wolff the access he sought for his book.

In an interview with CNN, Mr Tillerson responded: I've never questioned his mental fitness.

Michael Wolff's book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House", was released Friday.

The author of a tell-all book on the Trump administration says he "absolutely" spoke to the President.

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An employee at Beers Books in downtown Sacramento described the interest for a single book as "unprecedented".

"Donald Trump made his career by being this Type A personality who goes and manages problems, who injects himself, who through power personality changes the course of business deals".

In addition to the president's relatively empty public schedule, he officially broke ties with Steve Bannon over the Michael Wolff book. Viewing events from a distance makes it easier to decide what is a chapter of history and what is a footnote. "Suddenly everywhere people are going 'oh my God, it's true, he has no clothes'". More people fired, resigned or moved to another department than any other president in their first year in American history. When you want to dedicate your life to opposing some villain, it's only human to want to believe the villain is worth the effort.

"In a normal environment, we'd be talking about how all the waters in the United States are open to oil drilling".

Some Trump associates believed that Trump scoffing at Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election was "a perfect example of his inability to connect the dots".

From the start, the administration struggled to find highly qualified candidates across the administration, largely owing to the president's unpopularity with the Washington political class. A spate of nominees for sub-Cabinet jobs and judicial appointments have been forced to back out over ethics concerns or because they were so unqualified even Republican lawmakers objected to their appointments. When they could be married by the president! Both Trump and Tillerson have publicly denied he is leaving.

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